First up in our Flashback Friday series is our adventure in the uniquely hip town of Portland back in 2017.

We explored downtown PDX, paid a visit to the giraffes at the Oregon Zoo, toured Nike WHQ, and got really drunk on the Brewcycle! But most importantly . . . we celebrated our favorite “third-wheeler”, May May, who had graduated from Linfield College with her BSN.

Day 1: Downtown Portland

We arrived a couple days before May’s graduation and ended up staying at her dorm – which was conveniently located in the middle of downtown Portland. Unfortunately, May still had some school/graduation tasks to complete so we ventured off on our own until she was done.

Our first day went something like this:

We headed off on foot to a cute little burger joint called the Little Big Burger – the petite burger was just the right size for me and the truffle fries were delicious!

Then we headed toward the Keller Fountain, which sadly had no water running at the time – but it was still worth photographing.

After a few photos, we walked some blocks toward Pioneer Courthouse Square to discover that it was under construction. Our sightseeing adventure was definitely off to a rough start . . . but the popular signpost was still accessible to view.

Then we walked passed the smallest park in the world – Mill’s End Park!

Biked along the waterfront and across bridges with a surrey! It was so fun! This was definitely the highlight of our day.

On our way back to May’s dorm, we decided to get dessert at Salt and Straw. The green apple & wasabi flower sorbet was just one of their many interesting and delicious flavors!

We also somehow fit in a workout at LA Fitness with May. Then we ended the day with a late meal at Santa Fe Restaurant and headed across the street for more ice cream at Salt and Straw. 🙂

Day 2: Partying with the Animals

We started our second day at Stepping Stone and ordered the Smothered Badass. It was a fun and casual cafe with KISS figurines sitting on top of hanging Christmas ornaments.

Then we hopped on the light rail and made our way to the Oregon Zoo!

After a full day at the zoo, May brought us to an Indian restaurant called Swagat. The chicken makhani was bomb!

Day 3: Pancakes, Nike and Beer

Met up with a WAZZU alum and tried the belly stuffed pancakes at Batter Griddle and Drinkery for breakfast.

Then we made our way to Beaverton to meet up with Jermaine (Phase 2) who gave us a tour around the Nike WHQ campus. Beautiful campus with a slide at the parking garage!

Then we ended the night pedaling our way to one brewery to the next. Let’s just say, the night was a blur – but the celebrant was thoroughly entertained!

Day 4: Food & Family

The rest of the family arrived in Portland and May received her nursing pin!

We all ate at our first dim sum restaurant at Wahjin and visited Pine Street Market for some really good ramen at Marukin Ramen.

We went on a sightseeing spree starting at the Rose Garden and drove out to Multnomah Falls and the Vista House.

Then we ended the day at Southland for some ribs! It was a full day of good-quality family time!

Day 5: Graduation

We drove out to the Linfield College main campus to see May receive her diploma. We knew very well that it wasn’t the easiest journey to get through nursing school, which made her graduation that much sweeter. We are so proud of you, May May!

The trip definitely went by fast. We hope to visit again one day! Next time we will plan some adventures exploring the many trails around Oregon.

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