Maui: Waihee Ridge Trail

We revisited one our favorite hiking trails on Maui…the Waihee Ridge Trail. This is probably our fifth time hiking this trail in the past few years, but the views never get old! This time around we didn’t plan to hike the entire trail. Our intent was to play around with our mirrorless camera and practice our photography skills! It was also cloudy and gloomy out with a high chance of rain – so we didn’t want to stay too long.

Waihee Ridge Trail_2

The trail begins with a 200-foot cement road that is much steeper than it looks. It will have you huffing and puffing before reaching the top – but don’t worry, the rest of the trail won’t be as steep.

Waihee Ridge Trail_3

While walking up the cement road don’t forget to look back at the view of the ocean and the cattle grazing in the distance.

Waihee Ridge Trail_5.jpg

At the top of the cement road, we reached the trailhead sign and a stack of walking sticks underneath it. We didn’t take any of the walking sticks – but they would’ve been useful trekking through the slippery and muddy path that lied ahead of us!

Waihee Ridge Trail_8

The trail was super wet and very muddy at the beginning of the forest path. It definitely required a lot of concentration and balance to get through without falling. Did I mention it starting pouring right before we made it to the forest?

Waihee Ridge Trail_9

As we continued deeper into the forest, the path became narrower and steeper.

Waihee Ridge Trail_10.jpg

About three-quarters of a mile, we reached a lovely view of the Makamakaole Falls. With all the rain that morning, the falls were raging!

Waihee Ridge Trail_11

This is only a sneak peak of the amazing views you will be rewarded with as you continue up higher. The trail will continue along the ridge shown on the left of the above photo.

Waihee Ridge Trail_13

Beautiful view of Wailuku/Kahului and Haleakala out in the distance. You can even see a little bit of Kihei/Makena from this point too (see upper right-hand corner of the photo above)!  Everything is so lush and green.

Waihee Ridge Trail_16.jpg

Admiring the view.

Waihee Ridge Trail_17Waihee Ridge Trail_18.jpgWaihee Ridge Trail_22.jpgWaihee Ridge Trail_15.jpgWaihee Ridge Trail_24.jpg

Further up the path you will be rewarded with a better view of Iao Valley. You can even hear the stream from up here!

Waihee Ridge Trail_32.jpg

Huge spiders dwell within the plants.

Waihee Ridge Trail_30.jpg

Wild orchids can be found on the trail as well!

Waihee Ridge Trail_31.jpg

We only planned to hike up the first “hill” on this trip (shown on the right). If you plan to hike the entire trail, continue on to the second “hill” covered by the clouds on the left of the above photo.

Waihee Ridge Trail_34.jpg

Parts of the trail were still very muddy! So bust out your walking sticks or prepare to have wet feet if you visit on a rainy day! We wore hiking boots, so we managed to make it through without getting water in our shoes!

Waihee Ridge Trail_36Waihee Ridge Trail_39.jpg

Again, don’t forget to look back once in a while to admire the view!

Waihee Ridge Trail_45.jpg

Can you see the people on the ridge?

Waihee Ridge Trail_49.jpg

Made it to the bottom of the stairs!

Waihee Ridge Trail_56.jpgWaihee Ridge Trail_50.jpg

We made it to the top of the steps and snacked on some beef sticks before heading back down. The gloomy clouds were moving our way so it gave us more reason to turn around at that point.

Waihee Ridge Trail_55.jpg

Obligatory shaka hiking photo.

Waihee Ridge Trail_54.jpg

One last look at this view.

Waihee Ridge Trail_57

Into the dark woods.

Waihee Ridge Trail_58

This was the hard part of the trail…walking through the slippery and muddy path downhill without falling. We made it through the forest slipping numerous times – but not falling on our butts! Anywho, it was a nice day hike and a successful photography day for us! I hope you all enjoyed our hiking photos. Aloha!

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