LA Trip: Universal Studios/ Adele Concert!!!

My birthday weekend was coming up and I had originally wanted to go on a 3-day hiking trip at Haleakala which I had planned a month in advance. Little did we know those plans would change just a few days before the trip. It started with a phone call at work. Toni asked me, “How bad do you want to hike at Haleakala? How bad?”. Confused and curious, I was a little agitated by his question because he knew how excited I was about our upcoming adventure. When he finally told me, I was in disbelief; I thought he was joking. After verifying he wasn’t playing a horrible prank on me, I immediately agreed to cancel the Haleakala trip to go to Los Angeles for the Adele Concert! Easiest decision I made that week!

The trip was an all-expense paid trip, which was freakin awesome! Our rental car, hotel, plane tickets were all paid by Verizon! Toni’s name was placed in a drawing for each business-related account he sold and won the luck of the draw. Six winners were chosen from the western region to attend the sold-out Adele Concert at the Staple Center, and we were one of them! Yasss!

We flew to LA on a red-eye flight and arrived at 5 am in the morning. This was supposed to be a one-day trip, but Toni was fortunate enough to schedule our flight back to Maui late the next day (which was my birthday). Fortunately, we already explored Los Angeles earlier this year (which you can check out here: Little Tokyo/Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Lakers/Celtics Game, Disneyland & Getty’s Museum). Other than the Adele Concert, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was on the top of our must-see list. Strangely, it opened at Universal Studios the day after we left earlier this year…so it seems we were given a second chance!

Griffith Observatory_1.JPG

During our first day, we drove up to the Griffith Observatory to kill sometime before spending the rest of our day at Universal Studios (Hollywood). The view from the observatory was great. We could see DTLA in the distance, the Hollywood sign and nearby hiking trails. For how early we arrived, there was surprisingly a ton of people at the observatory. A ton!

Griffith Observatory_2.JPG griffith-observatory_3 griffith-observatory_4 griffith-observatory_5 Griffith Observatory_6.JPG griffith-observatory_7Universal Studios_1.JPGUniversal Studios_2.JPGUniversal Studios_3.JPGuniversal-studios_4universal-studios_5universal-studios_6Universal Studios_7.JPGUniversal Studios_8.JPGUniversal Studios_9.JPGUniversal Studios_10.JPGUniversal Studios_11.JPG

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was pretty amazing. I loved the detail in everything – from the crooked chimneys to the Hogwarts castle! The butterbeer was delicious; it’s non-alcoholic and has a butterscotch sweetness to it! It was definitely one of our favorite parts of our Universal Studios adventure.

Universal Studios_12.JPGUniversal Studios_13.JPGUniversal Studios_14.JPGUniversal Studios_15.JPGUniversal Studios_16.JPGUniversal Studios_18.JPGUniversal Studios_19.JPGUniversal Studios_20.JPGadele-concert_1

Adele. What can we say that isn’t already known about this talented singer? She is absolutely incredible. The concert was a blast and she is also quite the comedian. It was a pretty entertaining show and we feel so lucky to have gone to one of her concerts. Extremely lucky!

Adele Concert_2.JPGAdele Concert_3.JPG

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