Maui: Haleakala (Sliding Sands to Halemauu Trail)

Hiked in and out of the volcanic crater at Haleakala from Sliding Sands to the Halemauu Trail to start off my birthday weekend! We began our journey at around 10 am at Sliding Sands Trail and ended our hike at the Halemauu Trailhead just before sunset. We were able to enjoy approximately 9 hours in the crater and trekked 11 miles from start to finish! This was definitely one of our most memorable hikes yet on Maui.

haleakala_10 haleakala_11 Haleakala_12.JPG Haleakala_13.JPG Haleakala_14.JPG Haleakala_15.JPG Haleakala_16.JPG Haleakala_17.JPG Haleakala_18.JPG haleakala_19 haleakala_20DCIM100GOPROG0040879.Haleakala_21.JPGHaleakala_22.JPGhaleakala_23Haleakala_24.JPGHaleakala_25.JPGhaleakala_26haleakala_27haleakala_28haleakala_29DCIM100GOPROG0050902.haleakala_31haleakala_32haleakala_33Haleakala_34.JPGHaleakala_35.JPGHaleakala_36.JPGHaleakala_37.JPGDCIM100GOPROG0091049.DCIM100GOPROG0141106.Haleakala_36.JPGhaleakala_38haleakala_39haleakala_40haleakala_41haleakala_42Haleakala_43.JPG

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