Maui: Mahana Ridge Trail

Last weekend we revisited the Mahana Ridge Trail. It was a rainy, yet very humid day! We weren’t too thrilled about the weather, but as we climbed further up the ridge the humidity was more tolerable and the air was nice and cool. We could have turned back and not hike that day, but I was so determined to get some practice in before our 3-day hike at the Haleakala Crater for my birthday!

The Mahana Ridge Trail is a 17-mile roundtrip hike, but we ended up hiking 3 hours from D.T. Fleming Beach and back. To our surprise, we were able to get in about 10 miles in 5 hours (2 miles per hour!) and climbed approximately 1,500 feet in elevation. Yay! This made we more confident that we could survive our first day at Haleakala which will be a little less than 10 miles. Anyhow, check out our vlog above to see how our hike went and scroll down to see our nature photos!

2016-07-31 10.55.18.jpg 2016-07-31 11.26.05.jpg 2016-07-31 12.52.25.jpg 2016-07-31 12.52.49.jpg 2016-07-31 12.53.03.jpg 2016-07-31 12.53.20.jpg 2016-07-31 12.59.22.jpg 2016-07-31 13.24.00.jpg 2016-07-31 13.24.08.jpg 2016-07-31 13.33.09.jpg 2016-07-31 13.33.14.jpg 2016-07-31 13.33.22-1.jpg 2016-07-31 13.37.45.jpg 2016-07-31 14.04.22.jpg 2016-07-31 14.23.02.jpg 2016-07-31 14.58.04.jpg 2016-07-31 14.58.09.jpg 2016-07-31 16.02.31.jpg

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