Dog Day with Bordeaux and Roshe!

Dog Day! We celebrated Bordeaux and Roshe’s birthdays by dedicating a day of outdoor doggy fun. Roshe turned one on June 23rd and Bordeaux turned two on July 1st (8 days apart)!

Dogs Day_2.JPG

Dogs Day_1

Dogs Day_2a.JPG

We started our Saturday morning driving to the Makawao Forest Reserve for a short hike at Waihou Springs Trail. It was a shady and cool hike, which was perfect for our frenchies!

Dogs Day_3.JPG

Dogs Day_4.JPG

Next stop was the Upcountry Dog Park at the Eddie Tam Park. This is the newest and largest dog park on Maui and we were pretty excited to visit it for the first time. For some reason, not a lot of small dogs get along with Bordeaux – so we were relieved there were no small dogs during our visit.

The park was much larger than the one in Wailuku (Keopuolani Park). There was a nice shady tree in the middle of the park and a couple of really nice wooden benches for us humans! Bordeaux and Roshe played with the larger dogs by running up and down the shared fence. Roshe got tired after a few runs and hung out with Toni and I under the tree while watching Bordeaux run non-stop. Eventually, a couple of small dogs arrived and we decided it was a good time to head out.Dogs Day_5.JPG

Dogs Day_6.JPG

Before driving to the next dog park, Toni and I ordered a couple of Reuben sandwiches at Kula Bistro and drove to Rice Park to enjoy our lunch in front of the gorgeous panoramic view of west Maui.

Dogs Day_7.JPG

Dogs Day_8.JPG

Dogs Day_9.JPG

We stopped by Kilohana Dog Park in Kihei and had the park all to ourselves. It was a small fenced in area next to a play field. In addition to a bench and large tree, it also had a unique water fountain for humans and dogs. The gate was a bit confusing and didn’t seem secure – which made us a nervous since Bordeaux is a little escape artist. Eventually a family brought their greyhound (puppy) to play with Bordeaux and Roshe. The greyhound was extremely fast – but our frenchies really enjoyed chasing around their new friend.

Dogs Day_11.JPG

Dogs Day_12.JPG

Dogs Day_10.JPG

After Kilohana Dog Park, we checked out Keonekai Dog Park and found out that it was an open dog park (with no fenced-in area) so we didn’t stay there long.

Dogs Day_13

We drove down Kihei Road to visit Sugar Beach before heading back to town. It’s been a long time since we brought Bordeaux to the beach, but it was Roshe’s first time to one! It was a nice evening and the waves were smallish – so we thought it would be a good time to introduce baby Roshe to the ocean and sand. Roshe was obviously curious and a tad nervous. At one point he surprised me by jumping into a wave and swam toward the ocean! We had both dogs on a leash – so I was able to pull him back toward the beach. However, it was obvious that Roshe’s moment in the water had terrified him so we took a break from the water and sat on a large piece of drift wood…and did some people watching.

Dogs Day_15

Dogs Day_14

Dogs Day_16

Dogs Day_17

We had some time to kill, so we walked around Keopuolani Park – which we visit every now and then. We took a nice walk around the park before sunset and then headed home.

Dogs Day_18.JPG

Dogs Day_19.JPG

The dogs loved their Maui adventure! We ended the day by giving the dogs a bath and giving them treats to chew on while we finished the night watching a movie. It was a successful day filled with fun for both us and the dogs!

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