ALASKA: Crow Pass Trail

Crow Pass Trail_76A couple weekends ago, I flew up to Alaska to hike the Crow Pass Trail with my older sister, Malissa, and her fiancé, Jose, for Mandi’s 30th birthday celebration! We were also joined by Jesus (Jose’s brother) and friends, Nico and Justin. This was my first backpacking experience and I couldn’t imagine a better place to do it! I just love Alaska in the summer – it’s so beautiful!

Crow Pass Trail_3.JPG Crow Pass Trail_4 Crow Pass Trail_5.JPG

Here is a little bit about the trail: The Crow Pass Trail travels along a small section of the Historic Iditarod Trail. The Historic Iditarod Trail runs from Seward to Nome and was used as a transportation and mail route for early Alaskan settlers. The Crow Pass Trail is about 23 miles (one way) with an elevation gain of 2,100 feet from Crow Creek Trailhead or 3,100 feet from the Eagle River Nature Center. We started at the Eagle River Nature Center.

Crow Pass Trail_2

Warning: Buying camping/backpacking gear is an investment. Since I didn’t have a lot of gear in the first place, I ended up spending hundreds of dollars buying just the essentials! However, I plan to go on more backpacking adventures – so it will be all worth it in the end.

Crow Pass Trail_6 Crow Pass Trail_12.JPG Crow Pass Trail_13.JPG Crow Pass Trail_16.JPG Crow Pass Trail_17.JPG

We began our journey at the Eagle River Nature Center and parked our cars overnight for five dollars. It was raining on our first day – yet, I didn’t mind. Hiking and carrying a heavy pack was quite the workout. With summer in full swing in Hawaii, I really missed the cold air and rain.

Crow Pass Trail_20.JPG Crow Pass Trail_21.JPG Crow Pass Trail_23.JPG Crow Pass Trail_25.JPG

We intended to hike 13 miles on the first day, which was halfway toward the end of the trail (in Girdwood). As first-timers with backpacking and hiking the trail, we didn’t anticipate the many obstacles that were ahead of us – which slowed down our hiking pace. Many portions of the trail were muddy and wet. We hiked through a rock scree, rocky paths covered in tree roots (which required careful footing), a small creek, eroded slopes, and technical sections using ropes and ladders. We also walked across wet logs and crawled under fallen trees! The trail definitely took a toll on some of us, including myself.

We decided to stop and set up camp 9 miles out from the Eagle River Nature Center. Although time wasn’t on our side and fell short of reaching the Ford Site, it was still a very adventurous experience!

Crow Pass Trail_32.JPG Crow Pass Trail_34.JPG Crow Pass Trail_35.JPG Crow Pass Trail_36.JPG

Camping was one of the highlights of the trip. I didn’t expect to love it so much. After hiking with a heavy pack for 9 miles, it was so relaxing to sit by a warm fire and eating surprisingly good camping food. There’s something about the wilderness that makes me feel so alive even with a sore knee, numb feet and being utterly exhausted. 

Crow Pass Trail_37.JPG Crow Pass Trail_38.JPG Crow Pass Trail_39.JPG Crow Pass Trail_40.JPG Crow Pass Trail_50.JPG

It was a gorgeous morning the next day. The sun was peeking out from the majestic mountains surrounding us. I woke up in a chipper mood, because I was super excited to be waking up in the beautiful outdoors.

Crow Pass Trail_51.JPG Crow Pass Trail_52.JPG Crow Pass Trail_54.JPG Crow Pass Trail_53.JPG

I realized that I had overpacked…and wasn’t looking forward to carrying my backpack for another 9 miles. On our way back, we decided to split into two groups to make sure Mandi could make it to her birthday dinner. I stayed back with Malissa who needed to go at a slower pace due to her knee – but I didn’t mind at all.

Crow Pass Trail_56.JPG Crow Pass Trail_57.JPG Crow Pass Trail_58.JPG Crow Pass Trail_59.JPG

The hike back was awesome! The sun was out and we made lots of stops to relax and take photos. It was such a perfect day to hike in Alaska and everything was so breathtaking from the wildflowers to the snow capped mountains. I wish we had planned a longer trip – because I could get use to this…even with a heavy pack.

Crow Pass Trail_60.JPG Crow Pass Trail_61.JPG Crow Pass Trail_62.JPG Crow Pass Trail_63.JPG Crow Pass Trail_64.JPG Crow Pass Trail_65.JPG Crow Pass Trail_66.JPG Crow Pass Trail_67.JPGCrow Pass Trail_68.JPG

We saw some wildlife and evidence of wildlife. We had seen a frog, squirrel, mountain goat, a moose with her calf, and a couple beaver dams. There were plenty of animal scat on the trail – including bear poop.

Crow Pass Trail_69.JPG Crow Pass Trail_70.JPG Crow Pass Trail_71.JPG Crow Pass Trail_73.JPG Crow Pass Trail_74.JPG Crow Pass Trail_75.JPG


Overall, it was a great backpacking experience. I had fun, but I also learned a lot. I can’t wait for my next backpacking adventure and I hope to to reunite with the crew on another hike…maybe in Kauai? Who knows! Until next time!

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