LA Trip: Last Day (Getty’s Museum & The Park’s Finest)

We started our last day in LA at The Park’s Finest! It was recommended by a friend of ours who currently lives in California. The Park’s Finest is a BBQ restaurant infused with Filipino flavor. We basically ordered all the popular items and had a feast – it was delicious and we definitely recommend it to those who like BBQ and Filipino dishes.The Park's Finest_3.JPG The Park's Finest_4.JPG The Park's Finest_5.JPG The Park's Finest_6.JPG The Park's Finest_7.JPG

After a heavy brunch, we took an Uber to The Getty Museum before heading to the airport. The Getty is an art museum that feature artwork by various European artists…including Vincent van Gogh! We also enjoyed the modern architecture…and the breathtaking view of downtown Los Angeles!

Getty Museum LA_5Getty Museum LA_7Getty Museum LA_18Getty Museum LA_17There was so much to see, but we only had less than two hours to browse around. We spent most of our time viewing the paintings – which were absolutely amazing. The detail of some of these century-old paintings were out of this world! Toni took an art history course in college and he recognized some pieces from his class.Getty Museum LA_8.JPG Getty Museum LA_10.JPG Getty Museum LA_11 Getty Museum LA_13Getty Museum LA_19Getty Museum LA_20Getty Museum LA_21Getty Museum LA_22.JPGGetty Museum LA_23.JPGGetty Museum LA_24.JPGGetty Museum LA_25.JPGGetty Museum LA_26.JPGEverything from the architecture to the artwork made our experience worthwhile. We would have stayed longer if we had the time. Until next time LA!

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