LA Trip: Lakers vs. Celtics Game

Lakers v Celtics_22

MAMBA OUT. Those were Kobe’s last words after ending his career scoring 60 points during the Laker’s win against the Utah Jazz. He is truly amazing! The Black Mamba will definitely be missed in the NBA…and we are so glad we were able to watch him play in person before he retired! 

Lakers v Celtics_20

The motivation behind our LA trip was to watch Kobe Bryant play one last time before he ended his career. This was also Toni’s first NBA game! For a die-hard Lakers fan and NBA fanatic, I still can’t believe this was Toni’s first NBA game. As a Celtics fan, I am not and will never be a Lakers fan – but I’ve always respected Kobe! That being said, I insisted we watch the Lakers vs Celtics game – which was also Kobe’s third to last home game.

Lakers v Celtics_24.JPG

Lakers v Celtics_18I was Toni’s personal photographer for the rest of the evening as we explored the Staples Center.Lakers v Celtics_23.JPGLakers v Celtics_16Something unexpected happened to us during the game. We purchased upper level tickets from Stubhub and our seats were as high as the championship banners hanging in the stadium. In the middle of the first quarter we were asked to leave our seats because we apparently bought sold tickets! We ended up leaving Staples Center to run across the street to get to Stubhub before they closed. At Stubhub we found out that they had sent us new tickets in a separate email (which Toni thought was a reminder email). Apparently, the other couple got their tickets straight from Ticket Master and we bought the same tickets on Stubhub at the same time! Crazy!

Lakers v Celtics_6.JPGHowever, Stubhub ended up giving us awesome seats to compensate for the mix-up. They gave us premier seats, which were worth $500-600 each for the price of upper level seats ($200-250 each)! I guess everything happens for a reason! After the situation was resolve, we made it back to watch the end of the first quarter. Phew!

Lakers v Celtics_5.JPGNow we were close enough to see the players reactions! We also realized we were sitting behind the Laker’s GM and his family. Toni and I were sitting in those seats in disbelief for a good while. Needless to say, we enjoyed the rest of our night 🙂

Lakers v Celtics_4.JPGLakers v Celtics_1

We recorded parts of the game here!

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