Maui: Olowalu Valley Trail

Last weekend, we ventured into the historic Olowalu Valley. The hike to the very back of Olowalu Valley is about 5 miles – making for a 10-mile round-trip. We weren’t planning to hike the entire trail, but our goal was to reach the canyon slots!Olowalu Valley Trail_6The mouth of the valley is just off of Honoapiilani Highway in West Maui. We took a dirt road behind Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop which led us pass the Olowalu Petroglyphs and to the Olowalu Cultural Reserve (OCR). We parked outside of the OCR gate and walked up the dirt road to the trailhead.Olowalu Valley Trail_7 Olowalu Valley Trail_8Olowalu Valley Trail_10We passed by a farm with several fields of vegetables and fruits (including taro and papaya). The sky that day was amazing; the clouds looked like they were painted across the sky!Olowalu Valley Trail_9 Olowalu Valley Trail_11The dirt path eventually led us to a bridge with a sign and OCR donation box; this was the start of the trail.Olowalu Valley Trail_12

Toni uses his super strength to clear the path.Olowalu Valley Trail_13

Many stream crossings and a few small waterfalls.Olowalu Valley Trail_14

Love how the sun shines through the forest canopy!Olowalu Valley Trail_15 Olowalu Valley Trail_16.jpg

That sky!

Olowalu Valley Trail_17.jpg Olowalu Valley Trail_18.jpg

It was clear that the trail doesn’t get a lot of visitors. We did not encounter other people on the trail, but we did walk into a ton of spiders and spider webs! So be prepared!

The trail was easy to follow in the beginning. There was a well maintained path with neon color ribbons tied to trees to help guide the way. We crossed the stream a number of times and passed by some abandoned tents — which we assumed belonged to homeless people. The beginning of the hike was pretty flat and it was easy to follow (just follow the stream!).

Olowalu Valley Trail_20.jpgOlowalu Valley Trail_22.jpg Olowalu Valley Trail_19.jpg

Just about 30-40 minutes into the trail, we arrived at a rock crag that must have been over 100 feet high. The unique rock formations were reoccurring as we hiked further into the valley.Olowalu Valley Trail_23.jpg Olowalu Valley Trail_24.jpgOlowalu Valley Trail_28

We got pretty excited when walking through the pinch-points of the valleys; they made for a very scenic landscape!

DCIM100GOPROG0080254.DCIM100GOPROG0090288.Olowalu Valley Trail_1.jpg

We ended up hiking into the valley for 2 hours and headed back after reaching the canyon slots. We wanted to continue hiking up the stream, but we ran out of water and snacks so we decided to call it a day. Overall, we loved the canyon slots and unique rock formations!

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