Maui: Twin Falls

In late January, we were searching for a waterfall along Hana Highway. We ended up not hiking to to this waterfall in fear that our rental car would get vandalized, so in disappointment – we ended up going to Twin Falls. Twin Falls is a very popular waterfall visited by a crowd of tourists each day. Due to that reason, it is my least favorite waterfall to visit on Maui. However, I was determine to take May to a waterfall that day – so we headed to Twin Falls.

Twin Falls_16.JPG

Upon our arrival, the trail was temporary closed due to dangerous conditions. We started walking back to our car when one of the residents asked us if we were locals. She kindly explained to us that the trail conditions were not dangerous and that they had closed the trail to give the forest a rest from all the tourists. We learned that the trees and vegetation were wilting and dying caused by the high traffic of people visiting the falls everyday.

Feeling special, we passed through the gate while nobody was looking and headed up the trail. We previously heard there was a path to another waterfall, which we found! I always wondered why it was called “Twin Falls” when there was only one waterfall (that we knew of at that time); the second one was hidden.

Twin Falls_1.JPGTwin Falls_2.JPGTwin Falls_3.JPGTwin Falls_4.JPGTwin Falls_5.JPGTwin Falls_6.JPGTwin Falls_7Twin Falls_8Twin Falls_9Twin Falls_10Twin Falls_11Twin Falls_12Twin Falls_13Twin Falls_14Twin Falls_15

Walking on the trails felt really nice! There weren’t the usual crowd of people and we basically had the trail and waterfalls to ourselves.

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