Playing Tourists on Maui

My parents came down to Maui after the holidays for a two week vacation! The last time they came, we had just moved into our condo and we didn’t have a lot of time to go out and do things. So this time, I made sure they had a chance to go to as many places as possible on my days off.

Coastal Nature Trail (Marriott Hotel & Grand Wailea Hotel)

Grand Wailea_1Grand Wailea_12Grand Wailea_3Grand Wailea_9.JPGGrand Wailea_15Grand Wailea_16



Kahekili Highway (Kahakuloa Head & Ohai Trail)

Kahakuloa_2.JPGKahakuloa_1.JPGKahakuloa_4.JPGKahekili Hwy_1.JPGKahekili Hwy_2Ohai Trail_10.JPGOhai Trail_6Ohai Trail_3Ohai Trail_9Ohai Trail_2

Kapalua (Dragon’s Teeth & Kapalua Coastal Trail)




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