Maui: 13 Crossings Trail

I can’t believe we are already halfway through February! Every weekend since the start of the year we have been hiking, exploring, snorkeling and playing tourists! My parents flew down for a couple of weeks in January and my younger sister, May, spent her winter break with us. It was fun exploring and venturing around Maui with my family – I miss them so much! I’ve been so busy being a host, I didn’t have time to write a post until now.

The 13 Crossings Trail became the trail that inspired me to do more hikes…and it triggered my hunger for adventure and exploration. We had promised May that we would take her on this hike one day – which gave us an excuse to visit this trail again.

13 Crossings_201613 Crossings_2016

The trail is located in Waihee, past Mendes Ranch. It is located along the mauka side of the Makamakaole Stream. There are usually cars parked on the side of the road and the trail begins right before a bridge – so it wasn’t hard to find. We hiked this trail last year in July when the weather was ridiculously hot! It is shady, but pretty. Expect to get your feet wet and muddy since you’ll be crossing the stream at least 13 times… and be careful when walking or standing on wet rocks – Toni fell hard and hurt his wrist.

13 Crossings_201613 Crossings_201613 Crossings_201613 Crossings_2016

After walking through some tall grass from the road, you will arrive at your first stream crossing. The trail weaves in and out over the stream and it continues like this until you reach a lovely little waterfall. Somewhere in the middle of the trail, you will pass through a small bamboo forest.

I’ve seen people of all ages hike this trail (from kids to adults). As we were walking through the bamboo forest, we encountered a group of elderly folk; it seemed as if they were on a field trip from a retirement home. We were pretty impressed! I hope I can hike these types of trails at their age!

13 Crossings_201613 Crossings_2016Once we reached the waterfall, I showed May the rope hanging from a tree at the top of the cliff. There are more waterfalls above, but the only way to get up there would be to climb up – which we did not do. We are not experienced climbers or have had any training in climbing a vertical cliff – so it was out of the question for us.

G0422312.JPG13 Crossings_201613 Crossings_2016

Overall, it was a good day! We left with a few bug bites and scratches. Until next time, Makamakaole Stream.


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