Halloween and Haunted Mayhem 2015

We dressed up as Carl and Ellie from the Pixar movie, Up, for Halloween! Toni really wanted to dye his hair white, so we decided to be an old couple this year. We dressed up Bordeaux and Roshe as a spider and dinosaur, also known as Spider-dog and Roshesaurous! They were so adorable and I’m glad they were such good sports while wearing the costumes. We also finished  painting our pumpkins in the morning while watching the WSU vs. Standford football game, GO COUGS! We lost, but we were only a few points shy from beating the no. 8 ranked team in the nation!

Later in the day, we spontaneously decided to go to the Haunted Mayhem at the Old Maui High School. Upon our arrival, it was pitch dark. We had to walk through a forest, cane field and the halls of the old Maui High School with a flashlight. It wasn’t as scary as we had hoped, but there was a lot of zombies and creepy characters that jumped out at us. Having zombies following us from behind really freaked us out, especially when we didn’t expect it. We had fun and are glad we came out to experience it.

We ended the evening with friends and passing out candy to late trick-or-treaters.


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