Fall is Here!

It’s officially fall, which is our favorite time of the year in Hawaii! Although it is basically summer all-year-round here, fall brings slightly cooler temperatures – which is much appreciated after enduring one of the hottest and most humid summers we’ve experienced so far here! With the cooler temperatures and trade winds back in full swing, we thought we would welcome the fall and holiday season with some serious cleaning and festive home decor.

Since we moved into our condo over a year ago, it has been our goal to get rid of “stuff” we no longer use to maintain a nice, tidy and organized home for us and our two dogs. With our condo being more than enough space for all of us, we found it easy to accumulate “stuff” – which eventually turned into junk. That being said, we decided that we would do a major clean-up in the Fall and Spring each year.

Feeling refreshed and motivated with the cooler weather, we starting doing some cleaning before the weekend. For the first part of our cleaning mission, we started with the kitchen and bathrooms. We cleaned the fridge/freezer, oven and other appliances; scrubbed the tubs, sinks and toilets; and wiped down the counter and cabinet surfaces. We also packed two boxes filled with gently used clothes and other store-bought items to send to our relative in the Philippines. In the following week, we shampooed the rugs and steam mopped the floors to complete our cleaning to-do list.

LBC philippines boxesAlthough it took a lot of time and effort to get everything clean, it was well worth it and we are really glad we did it!

With the condo cleaned from top to bottom, we decorated our home with Halloween and fall decorations. In the process, we also rearranged our furniture around in the living room and bedrooms. Check out the following photos of our Fall/Halloween decor!

Halloween, fall, home decorThis wreath was made from burlap and a wire frame which was decorated with artificial flowers, toy spiders and a zombie bride ornament. I had a lot of fun putting this wreath together and it was fairly simple to make! I used a short 2 minute video tutorial to learn how to weave the burlap into the wire wreath frame; check it out here!

Halloween, fall, home decorHalloween, fall, home decorHalloween, fall, home decorI found this decorative pinecone idea from Pinterest, which inspired our table centerpiece. The fall colors really make our home feel warm and homey.

Halloween, fall, home decorHalloween, fall, home decorHalloween, fall, home decorHalloween, fall, home decorIt’s always a lot of fun decorating with cotton spider webbing – so we used a lot this year!

Halloween, fall, home decorHalloween, fall, home decor, lightsTopped off our home decor with some LED orange lights for our lanai!

Happy Fall everyone!






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