Fair with Local Flair!

This weekend we headed down to the 93rd Maui County Fair located in Wailuku to stuff our face with fried desserts, ride the ferris wheel and take in the colorful lights of the amusement rides.

It was raining pretty hard earlier that day and we considered going to the fair the next day since it is a 4-day event. But with some luck, the rain stopped and we headed out. We arrived at around 5:30 pm and noticed that there weren’t very many people at the fair – which was a good sign knowing that the lines were going to be short! We paid $5 to park at Kaiser Permanente and walked across the street to get to the fair.

Maui Fair_2015_sign maui fair_ferris wheel maui fair_amusement rides_colorful lights_happy maui fair_amusement rides_colorful lights

We headed straight to the food booths to eat. Toni tried the kimchee hotdog on sweet bread, which was new this year and really good! I was craving chili and ordered a bowl of chili and rice. We sat under a large tent filled with picnic tables and bleachers for seating. This year the entertainment stage was facing the food tent so we could actually see and hear the music while enjoying our meal – this was a good change to this year’s setup.

maui fair-kimchee hotdog maui fair_chili bowl

Although we usually come to the fair for the food, this year we decided to try a couple of the amusement rides. Right after eating we walked around for a bit, checked out the livestock and bought $15 worth of tickets for rides. We really wanted to ride the ferris wheel, so that was the first ride on our list.

maui fair_amusement rides_colorful lights_49fifty_happy couple maui fair_amusement rides_tickets maui fair_amusement rides_colorful lights maui fair_amusement rides_colorful lights_candy wagon maui fair_amusement rides_colorful lights

I’m afraid of heights, but I still enjoy riding ferris wheels and even roller coasters. When the ferris wheel gandola (seats) started rocking back and forth – it freaked me out a little bit; however, I got over my fear and enjoyed most of the ride. But on another note, the lights and the views at the top of the ferris wheel were awesome!

IMG_5182.JPGOnce we got off the ferris wheel, we bought some fried Oreos to try. It wasn’t as great as we expected, but it was worth trying. After trying the very unhealthy fried dessert, we explored other parts of the fair including the commercial exhibit tent and the War Memorial Gym to check out the student art, photography, garden and bonsai displays.

maui fair_fried oreos maui fair_orchid garden maui fair_bonsai tree maui fair_amusement rides_colorful lights

We ended the day with ice cream floats and buying loco mocos to take home. We had a fun time at the fair this year! Maybe we will try more rides next year. Until next time!


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