Seahawks Football: Wilson and Lynch are Ready for Week 2!

Seattle-Seakhawk-Dog-Jersey-Bordeaux-french-bulldog Seattle-Seakhawk-Dog-Jersey-Roshe-french-bulldog Wilson and Lynch (a.k.a. Roshe and Bordeaux) are ready for the Seattle Seahawk’s game today!

We bought a jersey for Bordeaux last year and we ended up with two jerseys instead of one. Now that we have Roshe, we can finally put the other jersey to good use! The jersey was too big for Roshe, so we rolled up his sleeves and tied the back to get it to fit properly.

Seattle-Seakhawk-Dog-Jersey-Bordeaux-Roshe-french-bulldog Seattle-Seakhawk-Dog-Jersey-Roshe-french-bulldog DSC_0840 Seattle-Seakhawk-Dog-Jersey-Bordeaux-the-french-bulldog Seattle-Seakhawk-Dog-Jersey-Roshe-french-bulldog Seattle-Seakhawk-Dog-Jersey-Bordeaux-Roshe-french-bulldog

We have been watching football since 8:00 am this morning – so we all have been waiting patiently for the game. Go HAWKS!

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