Meet Roshe!

About a year ago, we brought home a crazy yet lovable french bulldog named Bordeaux. Once Bordeaux was house trained, we knew we would get another french bulldog in the future – but that time came much sooner than expected! We got our adorable fawn frenchie, Roshe, on the third week of August – which was the same time we got Bordeaux in 2014!

roshe-the-french-bulldogroshe-the-french-bulldogRoshe is from a litter of six and the offspring of Solgirbullies’ Pennie and Deux from Maui. Roshe’s father, Deux, was born in San Diego (from Sdbullies/ Bonsaikennels) and is very stocky at 32 lbs. Deux’s dam is of Li-Jie’s Monster bloodline and his sire is of Hungarian descent. Deux’s sire also happens to be  “Nacho” who is owned by UFC fighter, Travis Hapa Browne. Roshe’s mother is a tiny little thing and currently weighs 20 lbs. She is small with short legs, but stocky. Her dam is of JollyBold Solo Champion descent.

After meeting Pennie and Deux, we couldn’t help but want one of their puppies!


I knew Roshe was the one when he walked toward me. Toni was drawn to a different, but equally cute, puppy. We struggled with our decision, but I was able to get him to see the light! Roshe was the first pick of the litter. We named him after one of our favorite sneakers – Nike Roshe Runs. We brought him home a day early and the breeders gave us a large care package to take home along with Roshe – Thank you Jim and Stephanie!


Roshe-the-french-bulldog-learning-to-sitBordeaux was extremely excited to see Roshe! They both hit if off pretty well. We catch them sleeping in the same crate in the mornings and see them constantly wrestling each other. They will drink out of the same water bowl and chew the same toy at the same time. With Bordeaux around, we don’t hear Roshe crying at night; Bordeaux, on the other hand, cried all the time because he was alone – so we are really happy they have each other and feel lucky that they get along so well. Let’s just hope that doesn’t change once Roshe gets older and his hormones kick in – I am hoping they don’t fight over who is going to be the Alpha dog since they are both males.


Roshe is currently 12 weeks old. He is still potty training, but he knows how to sit, lay down, shake, stay and roll over! He gets easily distracted during training, so we often have to train him when one of us takes Bordeaux out for a walk. Roshe can be sassy sometimes and barks when he wants something. He likes to tilt his head back and forth and loves hanging out under the ottoman. Roshe is also an escape artist!

Roshe-the-french-bulldog-sleepingroshe-the-french-bulldogRoshe may have been the smallest in the litter, but we think he will be bigger than Bordeaux just by looking at his paws. He is growing fast and we are taking every chance we can get to hold him and have him sit on our lap before he gets too big!

Thank you Roshe for being so cute!

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  1. Aloha! My husband and I just moved to Maui, and are looking to adopt a french bulldog puppy – any help/direction would be greatly appreciated (as my google searches are not turning up much?).
    Kind regards,


    1. Aloha Diane! Welcome to Maui 🙂
      We got our first frenchie, Bordeaux, from a family in Haiku ( Roshe, our fawn frenchie, was from a couple in Waihee ( These folks are expecting a litter this July! -> ( I would keep an eye out for posts on craigslist. Instagram is also a very popular place where people post as well.

      Best of luck!


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