Maui Getaway Weekend: Kipahulu Campgrounds and Oheo Gulch

We finally arrived at Kipahulu Campgrounds! Although it was hot, we decided to set up our tent knowing we would be tired after exploring the campground and park. We both don’t remember the last time we had set up a tent, but putting up the tent went a lot quicker than expected. After setting up our tent, we headed toward Oheo Gulch also known as Seven Sacred Pools.

IMG_4544There was a grassy path from the campground straight to the Oheo Gulch. Unfortunately, the pools were closed for swimming for the weekend – which was a bummer because we were looking forward to swimming here. We snapped some photos and walked along the Kuloa Point Trail which was an easy 0.5 mile loop.

IMG_4563We spent most of our time along the shoreline at Kuloa Point watching and listening to the waves crash onto the rocks. We sat close enough to the ocean we could feel the waves hit the rocks beneath us.

IMG_4586We eventually explored further down the shoreline and deviated from the path to sit near some tide pools to soak and wash our feet. We didn’t stay long since the tide was coming in, but it felt so nice to dip our feet in the water!


After taking a short nap in our tent and hiking the Pipiwai Trail, we walked to the visitor center and went back to check out the pools. The water was much calmer than it was earlier in the day and seemed safe to swim. Although the pools were closed, we ventured down to the pools knowing the park rangers were off duty. We took the opportunity to take some photos and view the waterfalls and pools from below.

IMG_4612We headed back to camp and ate some dinner. Although it was cooler in the evening, it was still pretty warm. We later found out we didn’t need all the blankets we brought.

IMG_4618Before we ended the evening, we notice other campers arriving from one side of the campground covered in a field of tall grass. We couldn’t help but explore the area and took an evening walk through the grassy path. We found ourselves on a cliff with more views of the shoreline, but didn’t have enough time to find a way down to the ocean because it started getting darker; so, we headed back to camp. I guess we will have to explore this area some other time.

We hit the sack early so we could get an early start to hike the Pipiwai Trail!



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