Maui: Ohai Trail

IMG_4457.JPGWe decided to go on a hike after work today and headed down Kahekili Highway to walk the Ohai Loop Trail located between mile marker 40 and 41. There was a small parking lot just off a turn on Kahekili Highway with an “Ohai Trail” sign at the start of the path. The trail is part of the Na Ala Hele trail system and was nicely maintained. We arrived about an hour before sunset and began our walk down the inland path. Toward the end of out hike we ended our day with sweeping views of the coastline just before dark. The hike was short (approximately 1.2 miles), but very scenic – which was perfect for walking our frenchie, Bordeaux. We didn’t make it to the “overlook” point near the beginning of the trail, but we will be back again.


View of the start of the trail from the parking lot and Kahekili Highway

IMG_4460.JPGMap of the loop located near the start of the trail

IMG_4464.JPGTurn left to walk along the coastline or turn right to start the inland path. We turned right.

IMG_4469.JPGBordeaux enjoying the coastal vegetation along the path.

IMG_4473.JPGBeautiful hike before sunset.

IMG_4491.JPGA section of the trail had rocks laid out to mark the path.

IMG_4494.JPGJust over the hill we finally get a closer view of the ocean.

IMG_4502.JPGChillin’ at the edge of a cliff surrounded by cool rock formations.

IMG_4500.JPGView of Kahakoloa Head out in the distance (far right-hand corner of photo above).

IMG_4522.JPGView of the loop from the coastline.

IMG_4529.JPGA bench halfway along the loop. Photo of Bordeaux and Toni taking in the ocean view (however, Bordeaux is looking in the wrong direction)

IMG_4541.JPGMore lookout points along the coastline.

IMG_4537.JPGThe sun has set.

I wish I had a better camera with us, because my photos don’t do the views justice. Below is a slideshow of more photos. Enjoy!


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